“As I sat in the Haitian Prime Minister’s conference room with Bill Clover and two of his senior executives, I knew we had assembled the most professional and credible team in the world.”

— Ted Boers, SOGEDEV Equity Group, LLC


“We were sitting in the finance presentation today, and listening to the team’s presentation (with our own) to the bank. I could not help but thinking as I listened about how far we have come in such a short period of time, and how after considerable thought we could not have picked a more professional and responsible company to aid us in the development of Playa Secreta.”

— Ing. Jaime Guerro, Grupo Guerrero

“Because you are one of the most respected international companies in the resort/leisure industry, our firm is proud to be identified with your company. (Your team) is unique because it offers such a diversity of services from concept through operation in the resort and tourism business. …we would not hesitate to recommend you to our clients who are seeking comprehensive resort/leisure consulting services.”

— Daniel E. Adache A.I.A., R.I.A.I.

“Thanks so much for your input last week and the report I received today. Your experience and expertise certainly manifested themselves.”

“I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing and the great help you have been to our team. Your expertise has been of great help and we hope to continue our long term relationship.”

— Don Anderson, Jr.
Barrier Reef Development, Bahamas

“I very rarely have had an opportunity to deal with such a professional organization as (the executives in Panorama).  I had heard good reports on your activities and ability. These reports have been exceeded substantially in your actual performance on our project.
Your organization has been available to solve every problem that has come up to date in the purchase, planning, marketing and all of the planning, economic and architectural issues involved in this complex resort.”

“I want to thank you for an excellent job and would appreciate your passing my vote of confidence on to the balance of your organization.”

— Dr. Peter Barbier

“It was impressive to see that after the many months of trying to obtain a guarantee how your group committed itself to obtaining the guarantee and finally delivered as you originally stated that you would. The personal and corporate commitment that you have shown is very much appreciated by us and we look forward to working with you in the future on this and other ventures.”

— Bernard Falchook, President
Ocean Spa, Inc.

“Your valuable contribution was key to achieve our objectives, which we are sure will result in great benefits towards the development of the tourism sector of our country.”

— Enrique Manuel Illueca, President a.i.
Alberto Camacho, President
Asociation Panamena de Ejecutivos de Panama

“…I am writing to record our satisfaction with all your work in the rendering of the feasibility study. The final format and content of the study was succinct and showed a degree of innovative thought that has left us well satisfied. From here on we know the course to steer.”

— A.M.B. Bell
Managing Director
Curnow Shipping Limited, United Kingdom

“I have just finished reviewing your impressive feasibility package for Wild West San Antonio. I have seen many packages and I complement you on executing one of the most comprehensive and professional packages I have seen! …I was very attracted to the cultural heritage element of the concept.”

— John Ecklein, president
Ecklein Communications

“I read your market assessment for Agadier. Congratulations on a job well done.”

— David Sherman
President of International Division
Golden Bear International, Inc.

“…what a pleasure it is working with you and your team. Your integrity, professionalism, pride and sincere interest and commitment to doing a superb job has been consistent and highly appreciated.”

“It always amazes me how you have maintained such a positive attitude. Every situation is approached with enthusiasm and dedication to doing the ‘right thing.’ Over the years you have obviously ‘hand picked’ some key people to work with you so that you have the resources to help in every situation regardless of how challenging it might be. This is a real tribute to your networking strengths because I can always count on you to be of service to myself and my clients. I am delighted to recommend clients to you because I know you will take care of them and will go above and beyond in terms of not only helping with the immediate situation but also looking at the whole picture.”

“I welcome the opportunity to continue referring our clients to you and to working with you as a member of your resource network.”

— Judith L. Singer, Ed.D.
Health Fitness Dynamics, Inc.

“…we are extremely pleased with your service as you have met or anticipated every deadline on time and on budget. Several presentations have been made to an audience that would normally be very critical of any development efforts, including government officials. You have distinguished your company and provided excellent presentations. We highly recommend you and your professional development team approach, and have recommend them to several other parties including The State of Thuringen to accomplish the Tourism Master Plan for the State.”

“This is a very capable and professional organization which we have found reliable in every respect.”

— Mr. Eckard Schneider
Stadtverwaltung Blankenhain

“…and would herewith like to thank you for the excellent and fruitful cooperation on the international gaming market.  Casinos Austria management GmbH has elected you as the preferred contractor and consultant to develop new casino opportunities in international resort and leisure time projects.”

— Reinhard Bernkop-Schnurch
Casinos Austria International

“…I have found it especially interesting in the approach they take to solving problems and in helping clients meet their objectives. Their ideas are frequently innovative, and they are not afraid to explore what might seem like uncharted waters. The end result, however is that the client benefits through knowing that all options have been considered and that the action recommended is tendered only after careful analysis and thought. It has been my great pleasure to have known Bill Clover these many years, and I would recommend (your organization) and its people to all who inquire.”

— Marco A. Roca
Vice President, Development
Latin America & the Caribbean

“I cannot sufficiently express my satisfaction with the professional manner in which you and your staff have handled the Dahlak Island Resorts and Casinos Project located in Eritrea, Africa. Your office has continually met our schedules and deadlines in a timely manner, although our demands have been somewhat unreasonable at times.”

— Kade Paul Anderson
Executive Vice President
Development Concepts, Inc.

“You have delivered everything you’ve promised and more. You have kept us informed and involved in every aspect of this venture. We really appreciate how quickly our questions are answered, our phone calls returned, and the open door attitude of (Bill Clover’s team). We extend our deepest gratitude for your faith in use and for taking us as one of your North American clients.”

— Tommy and Dona Worrell
Diamond W Longhorn Ranch

“I am pleased that Ramada International has agreed to work in partnership with (Bill Clover) to secure new management opportunities.”

— Norman K. Jenkins
Vice President of Finance

“Once again, as we say in Papiamento, ‘Pabien pa un trabou bon hasi’ or in Dutch ‘Gelfeliciteerd met een zeer goed voorbereid dokument’ of which the rough translation is ‘my complements for a job well done.’”

— Hugo Gerharts, President

“I was delighted to hear that you have been assigned a challenging role and may have the opportunity to work with my oldest friend, Bill Clover. I am personally familiar with a number of his firm’s assignments….around the North Coast of Jamaica, near Rose Hall where Bill’s firm provided great leadership for the Rollins Development Company.”

“Prior to my Peace Corp days I visited one of the hotels in Cancun, Mexico, where Bill completed a very successful condominium-hotel project.”

— John H. Wright
The Wright Properties
Former Country Director Jamaica

“Our association with Panorama and its staff has been an absolute delight. Your market and economic report was comprehensive, exciting and creative. Your vast knowledge of the industry and your ability to offer advice in all aspects of our development has been extremely valuable to us.”

“We especially appreciate the responsiveness and speed that the report and your planning work was undertaken. Three weeks must be a record of some sort. …Your diligence, gracious manner, patience and professional work ethics are an asset to our project and are much appreciated by our development partners.”

— Brian Mozeley
BGSR Development Partners, Gruene Oak Estates

“My family and I thank you and your talented executives for the wonderful job you have accomplished for our project Castelas.”

“We have America to thank for saving our country in World War 11, for the effort in the Gulf War, and we thank your American(-based) company for saving our development efforts.”

— Jacques Dessenne
Castelas, Mirepoix, France

“I really put a tremendous amount of stock into our resource, Bill Clover and his team. I believe their ability to develop comprehensive planning, estimate hard numbers and do studies that make the numbers work; whether it is a resort, marina and/or real estate mix is an incredible asset.”

— James R. Allmand, III
General Manager & Vice President
Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“The association with you has been both enjoyable and stimulating. Your persistent diligence and unfailing creative efforts at overcoming the obstacles, which we have met so far, are qualities that you can take justifiable satisfaction. Nor should I neglect mention of your gracious and quick response to everything from pleas for urgent solutions to routine requests and correspondence.”

— Camille Needham
Executive Director
Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association

“Your market and economic analysis document is one of the finest reports that has ever been done on any of my projects. Your ability to offer development, finance, and other services to a developer is very unusual.  Without you and your staff the financing and success of this project would not have been a remote possibility.”

— William E Ruth
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

“I have had the great pleasure of dealing with Bill Clover and his team. It was especially of interest to me to find in Bill Clover a mind, which is expansive and creative, able to see the large picture in its most dynamic form. This talent turns the ordinary into the exceptional. ”

“This staff has proven to be a competent, professional team in all my dealings with them, and would be an asset to any project.”

— Most Hon. Edward Seaga, Chairman
Premium Investments Ltd., Jamaica, W.I. & Former Prime Minister of Jamaica

“We would have no hesitation in recommending (the principals of Panorama) as a group completely au fait with tourism development initiatives in the region and would further commend this organization on the integrity and professionalism of their approach to tourism development.”

— John Prichard
Project Director
OECS Tourism Development Programme

“I wanted to be one of the first … to tell you how much the association with Panorama – and other companies under your leadership — has meant to FONATUR. I am aware that 28 years ago you started your consultancy with FONATUR and that you have consulted with or worked closely with our organization ever since.  [From] the start of Cancun to last year’s annual conference, you and your company have been supportive and have rendered good advice to us.”

— John McCarthy
FONATUR (Fondo Nacional de Fomento del Turismo), Mexico

“I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts on my behalf. I come away from each of our discussions with a growing confidence in your abilities. I also come away from our meetings with a greater knowledge of how these projects are put together. I will use this knowledge to become a valuable resource on future projects with your company. Thanks so much for your time and sharing your expertise with me.”

— Larry Foster
International Assisted Living Facilities

“Bill Clover and his team are not only versed in the repositioning of Resorts, Clubs and Hotels but they have an international background second to none we know in the industry. We used Bill’s company and his team in all resorts where international strategies and knowledge was necessary.”

“When I was President of ClubResorts, a division of ClubCorp, Bill played a vital role in improving the value of this division to over $1 billion and on top of this was a delight to work with — we recommend Bill’s company to our clients.”

— John Meeske
Resorts and Clubs, Inc.

“Approximately one year ago Mr. Williston Clover of Panorama International commenced with the assistance of finding funding for our resort & spa development project here in Anguilla, and I can say now in retrospect that it was a fortuitous day for our business. Not only were they professional, highly energized and eager in their efforts, they also and remain very intuitive when it comes to quickly understanding our requirements and how to best help us meet our business needs.”

“For example; in addition to Panorama International identifying some very effective cost evaluation engineering solutions they also increased our income revenue by implementing additional methods and doing so with minimal set up costs to our business.”

“Panorama International repeatedly surpassed every expectation that we had of them, and produced results that equaled or excelled that of previous consultants that our company had been associated with.”

— Vince Harrigan
Chief Operations Officer
Shoal Bay Development Corporation in Shoal Bay, Anguilla, BWI

“I am an international hotelier with over twenty years experience. I have worked with Mr. Clover and his company, Panorama International since 1999. Mr. Clover helped us in Indonesia to refinance the Regeant Hotel in Jakarta, and the Nikko Hotel in Bali. After the financial collapse of the country and the entire hotel industry went into bankruptcy, it was Bill who had the vision and guts to go forward with this refinancing venture. This triggered a domino effect and several international banks then came to the assistance of Indonesia. I give Mr. Clover props for basically saving the hotel industry in Indonesia. Mr. Clover also helped me when I was down and out so I would like to give mention to his great character as well. I have worked with Mr. Clover for thirteen years now and I would work with him again. I highly recommend him and his company.”

— Reinhold Engelmann
Chief Executive Officer
Hachi and Tam