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Hotel News Now

February 24, 2015

The tastes of affluent travelers have changed. Hoteliers are responding with new, personalized offerings (and targeted marketing to sell them﴿.



Country Life – Buying property in North America

October 2014

“Holly Kirkwood travels to two new communities in Idaho and Canada that plan to take you back to nature.”



Robb Report Interview with Jon Huntsman

August 2014

Jon Huntsman rose from potato picker in Idaho to owner of one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the United States. Along the way, he has donated more than $1 billion and pledged over half of his wealth to charitable causes.



Huntsman Springs – A Real Natural Wonder

By: E.J. Webber

The Grand Tetons have even more to offer besides the majestic views, bountiful fishing, and photo ops beyong belief. Come and visit Huntsman Springs to gather the real essence of it all…



Grab the Money

Sept 2011

After discussing the pitfalls awaiting the unwary developer seeking international finance in last month’s OPP, Stephen Drechsler of Panorama International now turns his attention from the negative to the positive. How should you go about finding a much more reliable finance partner and getting it all to go right?



Avoid the Pitfalls

August 2011

OPP International Executive Panel member Bill Clover and his colleague, Panorama International vice president Stephen Drechsler take a critical look at how developers should approach getting the right sort of finance in place in the current economic climate. And what are the traps to avoid?



Think El Salvador

July 2011

In this, the first of a new series of regular columns on overseas property opportunities around the world, Panorama International president and chairman Bill Clover takes a good look at El Salvador, a country where his company has often worked and where he feels there is “particular investment and developer